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Long Term Disability Lawyer Browns Ferry

Long Term Disability Lawyer Browns Ferry

All jobs come with risk, especially those in the energy sector. One job risk of working in a nuclear power plant that most other jobs do not have is the risk of getting cancer. Dozens of research projects have found an increased risk of cancer for those living near nuclear power plants, according to the Huffington Post. Whether your disability stems from an overuse injury, an injury that happened while driving to work, or any type of illness, because Browns Ferry nuclear power plant employees have long term disability benefits, you should be financially solvent in the future, right? Unfortunately, as you may very well know now, receiving benefits is easier said than done.

Definition of Long Term Disability

Disability benefits offered through private insurance companies have their own set of requirements when it comes to defining disability. You must keep detailed medical records in order to satisfy the insurance company’s needs, and even then it may not be enough. The insurance company may argue that you can still work and are not disabled under their definition. Even those who have suffered debilitating injuries and illnesses such as cancer, traumatic brain injuries, spinal column and disc injuries, and amputations are frequently denied the long term disability benefits that they rightfully deserve.

How do Employers and Insurance Companies Get Away With it?

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was designed to oversee the claims process and help enforce the minimum requirements of employer-provided long term disability. Nowadays, it has been watered down and reshaped to help employers and insurance companies pad their bottom line by rejecting claim after claim. Insurance companies profit by not having to pay out, which in turn results in lower premiums for the employer. This all comes at the cost of the disabled employee, who is left with nothing. ERISA is bad for employees in a number of ways. For one, many group plans do not allow for cases to be heard in court. Instead, they are handled via arbitration—in secret without a jury to help make a fair and final decision. ERISA blocks disabled people from being able to file lawsuits when a physician in their plan messes up or if they receive poor treatment. A Supreme Court Judge even called on Congress and the Supreme Court to “revisit what is an unjust and increasingly tangled ERISA regime,” as reported by Internal Medicine News.

Reach Out to a Browns Ferry Long Term Disability Attorney

The claims process may be overly complicated, you may be denied your benefits, and it would seem like a battle not worth fighting. But we encourage you to fight for the benefits that you are owed. If you are a Browns Ferry employee, call or contact the law offices of J. Price McNamara today to begin working with a long term disability attorney.

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