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ERISA Attorneys for West County Energy Center

ERISA Attorneys for West County Energy Center

West County Energy Center employees have the benefit of employer-sponsored retirement and disability packages, both of which are certainly perks of the job. However, receiving your short or long term disability benefits can be a challenge. This is partially due to the fact that your benefits are tied up by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). While intended to help employees by creating standards for retirement and disability, ERISA has been abused in the decades since its inception by insurance carriers seeking to increase their profit margins. ERISA has been rewritten by insurance carriers so that they can withhold payment, and therefore boost their profits, and profits are the largest ever for health insurers, according to Axios. It is an unfair advantage and it creates a monumental uphill battle for employees who have come down with an injury or illness. Our ERISA Lawyers for West County Energy Center employees is here to help.

Was Your ERISA Claim Denied?

All of the following employer group benefit plans must adhere to ERISA:

  • Pension plans;
  • Severance plans;
  • Life insurance plans;
  • Welfare plans;
  • Health insurance plans;
  • Short term disability;
  • Long term disability; and
  • Accidental death and dismemberment plans.

You have been a loyal employee. You have gotten your job done, worked hard, and shown up day in and day out to create a healthy profit for your employer’s shareholders. It stands to reason that if you should get sick, injured, or otherwise need the assistance of one of your ERISA group benefit plans, your employer should pay back your hard work with accepting your claim, right? In fact, employers and insurance carriers actively work against employees so that claims are denied and premiums stay low. If you filed an ERISA claim and you were denied, you are not alone. In fact, filing a claim is an unnecessarily complicated, long process designed to make life difficult for employees.

You Need an Attorney to File ERISA Claims and Appeal Denials

It is easy for an insurance company to deny your ERISA claim, as there are countless deadlines, forms, and orders of events with which most people are completely unfamiliar. Upon receiving a denial, the average employee will simply give up and move on, believing that there are not options for them to take to fight back. This is where an attorney comes in. An ERISA attorney will ensure that your paperwork is perfect, compile medical documents and other crucial evidence, and work to win an appeal so that your benefits come through as soon as possible.

Call an ERISA Lawyer for West County Energy Center Today

ERISA does not require employers to offer group benefit plans. It only requires companies that offer such plans to follow the very minimum standards set by the federal government, according to the Department of Labor. There is a need for ERISA reforms to once again work for employees, not insurance companies and large employers. Until then, the ERISA Lawyers for West County Energy Center at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara are here to help. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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