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CIGNA Louisiana Disability Insurance Denial Lawyer

CIGNA Louisiana Disability Insurance Denial Lawyer

Most people depend on their job to provide for themselves and their family members. Unfortunately, an unexpected medical condition or injury can prevent virtually anyone from working and generating income. For this reason, employees depend on their disability insurance carriers to provide them with the compensation they need to maintain their standard of living.

Disability insurance provides employees with a portion of their normal income until they are able to return to work or obtain Social Security disability insurance. In most cases, though, obtaining disability insurance benefits is easier said than done, and certain companies—including CIGNA—have been known to deny disability claims for a variety of reasons.

Fortunately, help is available in the form of a dedicated insurance attorney. If your disability claim was denied by CIGNA or you are in the process of filing an appeal, it may be time to contact a CIGNA Louisiana disability insurance denial lawyer and start exploring your legal options.

The Relationship Between CIGNA and Policyholders

The agreement between an insurance company and a policyholder is essentially a contract. To grossly simplify a complex dynamic, as long as the policyholder pays their premium, the insurer is legally required to provide them with the benefits they are paying for. Often, though, insurance companies such as CIGNA attempt to deny valid disability claims for illegitimate reasons in the interest of saving money.

When an insurance company refuses to pay the benefits it agreed to pay, it may be acting in what the law defines as “bad faith.” Common acts of bad faith include:

  • Falsely claiming the policyholder failed to make premium payments
  • Using undisclosed rules and regulations to deny a claim
  • Only making partial payments to a policyholder without due cause
  • Inaccurately claiming the policyholder did not submit adequate supporting evidence

Insurance policies are notoriously difficult to comprehend, and unfortunately, companies like CIGNA sometimes exploit this fact. Luckily, policyholders do have the legal right to appeal a decision they do not agree with.

The CIGNA Appeals Process

The vast majority of insurance companies offer their policyholders a chance to appeal their decisions. An appeal must be filed in a specific manner, and the appeals process differs from insurance company to insurance company.

Furthermore, these processes are often complicated, and policyholders are almost always forced to adhere to strict deadlines. Making a simple mistake can result in a denial, which may or may not be final.

While some policyholders will inevitably have their appeals denied, the federal government does give most policyholders the right to take their insurers to court if their initial appeal is unsuccessful. If a policyholder does choose to take CIGNA to court, they will more than likely need the help of a CIGNA Louisiana disability insurance denial lawyer to effectively pursue a positive resolution to their case.

Taking an Insurer to Court

Insurers are notorious for exploiting the law to their own advantage, and policyholders should never attempt to take them on alone. Fortunately, a skilled lawyer could help Louisiana residents understand their legal options after a disability insurance denial from CIGNA and provide them with guidance throughout the ensuing appeals process.

Insurance companies like CIGNA will often go to any length to avoid having to pay benefits, and they should never be allowed to get away with acting in bad faith. If a policyholder is able to prove their case against an insurer, the court will more than likely overturn the initial denial.

Reach Out to a CIGNA Louisiana Disability Insurance Denial Attorney

Just because you receive a claim denial does not mean you have no hope of ever receiving benefits. If you have an insurance policy overseen by CIGNA and recently had a claim for benefits denied, you may have a wide range of legal options at your disposal. Reach out to a CIGNA Louisiana disability insurance denial lawyer today if you are ready to hold your insurer accountable.

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