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Action for Injunctive Relief for Insurance Company Violations in Texas

Action for Injunctive Relief for Insurance Company Violations in Texas

If you have health, disability, or life insurance benefits through a private employer, you most likely have rights that are protected by ERISA laws. These rights may include the ability to initiate litigation when the plan administrators or fiduciaries fail to act in the best interest of the plan members and beneficiaries.

Plan participants could have the ability to seek relief through the courts when they believe their rights as plan members were violated, including through an action for injunctive relief for ERISA violations in Texas. Seeking the assistance of a Texas ERISA lawyer may help you navigate the complexities of ERISA law. A skilled ERISA attorney could aid you if you believe you were wronged by your plan or its fiduciaries.

What are ERISA Plans?

Congress enacted the Employee Retirement Income Security Act Of 1974 (ERISA) to protect plan participants and to set standards for private health and pension companies. While the Department of Labor (DOL) oversees ERISA and district courts are often charged with interpreting and applying ERISA laws, ERISA may not extend to policies provided by the government or religious organizations.

Private employers are not required to provide benefits to their employees under ERISA. If an employer does provide benefits, most plans may be governed by this Act. Regulations that specifically govern ERISA plans may be found under the Benefit Claims Procedure Regulation in 29 Code of Federal Regulations 2560.503-1.

Civil Enforcement Actions for Coverage Infractions

ERISA plan participants who are unjustly denied benefits may bring a claim that, if successful, may allow them to recover damages and receive equitable relief on behalf of the plan. This right both demonstrates the desire of Congress to protect plan participants and reduces the burden on the Secretary of Labor to enforce ERISA standards.

Plan participants could seek two different types of equitable relief: one to enforce the plan and another to address ERISA violations of the plan. ERISA allows appropriate and equitable relief for such claims, which may include:

  • Monetary damages
  • Restitution of lost benefits
  • An order—known as specific performance—for the breaching party to comply with the original contract
  • An action for injunctive relief for Texas ERISA insurance company violations

Injunctive Actions

Injunctions could be either preliminary or permanent and may vary based on the specific case. Preliminary injunctions might be issued if the plaintiff may suffer irreparable harm without them. Examples of injunctive actions may include:

  • Restoring plan participants to the position they would have occupied if the impetus behind the claim had not occurred
  • Requiring a plan administrator to pay beneficiaries money owed to them under the plan
  • Reforming terms of the plan to their previous status
  • Stopping a fiduciary from ever acting as a fiduciary duty again

For more information about action for injunctive relief for insurance company violations in Texas, contact an accomplished attorney.

Get Help from a Texas ERISA Lawyer

As a plan participant, you may have the right to seek justice from ERISA violations. An experienced attorney could help you learn more about how your ERISA benefit plan or plan administrator may have violated federal law, as well as work to protect your rights and represent your interests in court.

When administrators and fiduciaries breach their duties, it may impact you for the rest of your life. Holding these parties accountable with injunctive relief and other enforcement actions can help right the wrongs that were done to you. For assistance with an action for injunctive relief for ERISA violations in Texas, call today to set up an initial consultation.

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