Reasons to Consider Investing in a Dash Cam

Dash cams offer protection.The dashboard camera, colloquially known as a “dash cam”, has been rising in popularity for America’s drivers. A dash cam is a small camera of webcam size that sits near the front windshield of your vehicle, usually sitting directly on the dashboard or connected to the windshield near the mirror. The purpose of the dash cam is to continually record footage as you drive. There are many different reasons for why this could be useful, especially in a vehicle accident case, and we here at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara invite you to read on to discover exactly why you might want to consider investing in a dash cam for your vehicle.

Car or Motorcycle Accidents

One of the best reasons to invest in a dash cam is because having one could be pivotal in the case of a car accident. Dash cams are not subjective and only record the facts. So in the case of a car accident, a dash cam can provide a look at what happened during an accident and who is at fault. This evidence could be the difference between you receiving the compensation you deserve or you being held responsible for the accident.

Accidents While Parked

Even if you are not currently driving your car, your dash cam can still be recording footage. When parking in a parking garage or on a street, it is not uncommon for people to come back to their car and find that it has been hit or damaged. Having a rear dash cam could catch the person who hit your car, allowing you to pursue compensation for the damage.

Insurance Fraud

While it may be hard to believe, there are actually people out there who are actively trying to get hit by a car. A person can do this with their own vehicle and they can even do it as a pedestrian. These people will try to get you to hit them, causing any kind of injury that they can then use to sue you for compensation. With a dash cam, you can expose these scammers for what they are, keeping yourself safe from monetary loss.

For Fun

Dash cams don’t only serve the purpose of providing evidence should you get into any kind of accident, but they can also provide a fun way to chronicle road trips or even fun things you see in your community around you. Just taking a look at YouTube, once can see many interesting videos and montages that have been put together using footage taken from a dash cam.

Know The Laws Regarding Dash cams

Here in Louisiana, there are some laws when it comes to submitting dash cam footage. In particular, submitting footage that has sound. Under the “one-party consent” law, anyone that you are driving with inside your own car must know that they and any conversation they are having with you is potentially being recorded by your dash cam. This can be circumvented if you disable the audio recording functionalities of your dash cam.

Learn More at our Baton Rouge and Metairie Offices

Here at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara, we are ready and willing to assist you should you become injured in an accident. By using evidence collected by a dash cam, we can ensure that you are not taken advantage of by someone else’s dishonesty in the case of an unclear car accident. If you would like to learn more, then we encourage you to contact our office and schedule your case review today.

The Truth About Seatbelt Safety

seatbeltWith April first just a few days away, many people here in Baton Rouge, LA are getting ready for April fool’s day. However, despite the fun spirit of this holiday closing in, personal injury attorney J Price McNamara and the rest of his staff want to tell you a little about one thing that most certainly is not a joke; your seatbelt.

What do we mean by this? Well, take this statistic for instance; in the year 2012 alone, if all passenger vehicle occupants ages five and older had worn seatbelts, an additional 3,031 lives would have been saved. That’s nearly twice the number of lives lost when the Titanic sunk. (

With that being said, it has come to our attention that not many people know about the importance of seatbelt safety and how it can change the course of your life. Today we have decided to discuss some basic aspects of seatbelt safety for both adults and children in hopes that it might save some lives here in Baton Rouge.

Some Myths About Adult Seatbelt Safety

There are numerous myths about seatbelts and their effectiveness that have been floating around for many years. Many of them are quite obviously false, but with others, it can be a bit harder to tell. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular myths about seatbelts and uncover the truth behind them.

If your car has airbags, you don’t need to wear a seatbelt.

False. Regardless of whether your car has airbags or not, the safest way to travel in a vehicle is to do so while wearing a seatbelt. You are always safer with a seatbelt on.

Your seatbelt can hurt you in a crash.

The truth is everything in your car can hurt you in a crash. The walls, the glass, the metal. All of it has the potential to hard you. However, not wearing a seatbelt and being thrown around in a car during an accident, or worse, ejected from the car altogether, has a much greater chance of causing to harm that the seatbelt does. A seatbelt will keep you stationary, and help to avoid injury caused by any part of your body colliding with, or being thrown through, any part of a car.

If you aren’t going very far or traveling at a high speed, there is no need to wear a seatbelt.

Wrong again. This myth is one of the oldest and most popular in terms of seatbelt safety. In all actuality, those routine trips you take on the road can be the most dangerous. Why? Because you feel comfortable and familiar, thus you are more likely to let your guard down while driving. That means if someone pulls out in front of you, you may not be ready to slam on the breaks.

Most fatal crashes happen within twenty-five miles of home and at speeds of forty miles per hour or less. Always buckle up whether you are going five miles or fifty.

Seatbelt Safety for Children

When it comes to cars and small bodies, some of the rules change. Many people do not know that there is a right and wrong way to buckle your child in. Here are a few examples of mistakes that are made every day with children and seatbelts.

Letting your child sit in the front seat if they are twelve or younger.

Until your child is thirteen, they should always sit in the back seat of a vehicle. Front seat airbags are not designed for children and can actually seriously injure or kill them. You should also never place a rear-facing care seat in the front seat of a car.

Not wearing your seatbelt in front of them.

children learn by example. You cannot expect them to take the safety of a seatbelt seriously if you do not participate as well. always buckle up in front of them while in a car. Also, make sure to establish that wearing a seatbelt is a non-negotiable rule and that the car doesn’t move until everyone is buckled in.

We hope some of the information in this article shed new light on seatbelt safety for you and your family. If you find yourself injured in an accident despite the fact that you were properly buckled in, give the staff at the Law Offices of J Price McNamara a call. We can help you get your life back on track.

Until next time readers, buckle up and stay safe out there.

Blind Spots: Stay Safe While Sharing the Road with Big Rigs

truckmirror-minMany know that drivers of 18-wheelers can be some of the most careful drivers on the road. Due to the sheer weight of the truck and trailer, the most minor imbalance can often cause a horrifying accident. The worst types of truck accidents are rollovers, wherein the 18-wheeler or other vehicles end up on their side or rolled onto their back, or another position. These accidents are messy, brutal, and result in injury or sometimes even death, especially when civilian drivers are involved. Unfortunately, one of the many causes of these split-second accidents is due to blind spots. While 18-wheelers possess some top-notch, safe, and experienced drivers, the design and mirrors for many of these trucks still leave some large blind spots that are dangerous to the driver and other motorists. Today, J. Price McNamara and our team want to share some tips on how to safely share the road with freight trucks, and what to do if an accident happens to you.

Demonstration of Blind Spots

For a more sobering reminder of the dangers of blind spots, take a look at the video below from the British Safety Council. The video shows a truck driver demonstrating a left turn: he checks his mirrors on both sides, and the coast seems clear. However, as the demonstration continues, the driver steps out of the cab and reveals that there was actually a huge group of cyclists on the left side the whole time. The cyclists were in the truck’s blind spot, invisible to the driver’s eye the whole time.

Road-Sharing Safety Tips

Know Where the Blind Spots Are… and Don’t Linger!

Assume that freight trucks have at least one blind spot on all sides: the very front of the truck directly in front of the grill, behind the truck, and along the sides of the truck, particularly where the truck and the tractor are connected. If you do need to pass a truck, do your best to not linger in these positions, or instead give the truck some space.

Passing Trucks Safely

Remember, when passing a truck, if you can’t see the driver’s face in his mirrors, he most likely can’t see you. Keep eyes open for turn signals, which are positioned along the sides of the trucks typically. If you are passing a truck and he is indicating a turn, slow down and be sure that the driver can see you.

Keeping Your Distance

This is especially important when trucks are making left and right turns down city streets. Never try to sneak between a truck that is signaling a turn. They most likely won’t see you in time and could collide with you. Trucks take wide turns for a reason, and trying to sneak your way in-between a truck and his lane is very unwise.

During highway traffic, never try to rapidly pull in front of a truck. Keep your distance and only pull in front of the truck once you can see the whole cab in your rear-view mirror.

Be Patient

This is possibly the most important rule of all: patience. Give trucks the right of way when turning or changing lanes. If you pass a truck, do so in a safe way. Speeding past a truck, while disregarding any turn signals or awareness of your surroundings, is both dangerous for you and the driver of the big rig.

What To Do If You’re Involved in a Blind Spot Accident

If you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler truck in the Baton Rouge or Metairie, LA areas, it’s absolutely vital that you call us right away. The first step after these accidents occur is an investigation on what happened, typically by police and by the trucking company. You’ll need someone on your side to defend your rights, while also gathering all the necessary evidence to get the full picture and uncover who was at-fault.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara to speak with our experienced attorneys. We can navigate the logistics of a blind spot accident case, especially when involving a big rig here in Louisiana.

Facts About Traumatic Brain Injuries From Attorney J. Price McNamara

brain-injuryEvery year, many thousands of Americans suffer from head injuries in accidents, crashes and other unexpected events. But head injuries can offer cause another event called a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Unfortunately, TBI is a major cause of death and disability in the United States. In fact, according to recent studies, approximately 30% of all head injuries result in a brain injury that ultimately causes death or serious disability. TBI victims that survive a TBI often suffer from injuries that last for the rest of their lives.

What Causes TBI?

TBI can be caused by a jolt, bump, blow, or penetrating injury that alters the normal activity of the victim’s brain. However, not all head injuries result in a TBI. Some TBI are mild with a slight change in mental status or loss of consciousness. A severe TBI could be caused by a harder blow and could result in an extended period of unconsciousness or memory loss after a head injury.  Mild injuries can cause a variety of symptoms or a combination of mild and severe reactions.

Effects Of TBI

The effects of TBI vary based upon the nature of the injury, the area of the head, the age of the patient and many other factors.  In addition to serious disabilities and impairments to everyday activities, TBI can cause the following problems in patients:

  • Loss of sensation
  • Personality changes
  • Depression
  • Impaired thinking or memory
  • Impaired movement
  • Loss of sensation
  • Insomnia or changes in sleep patterns

What Types Of Injuries Can Cause TBI?

The type of injury can often dictate how seriously the patient will be impaired.  However, certain types of injuries are definitely more common than others.  The most significant number of TBI injuries are caused by falls, assaults, car and bike accidents. The age of the patient often determines what the most common causes are for head injuries. Small children ad the elderly are more prone to injuries from falls and assaults while adults tend to receive more injuries from car or bike accidents.

TBI Risk Factors

  • Men are more likely to die from TBI injuries.
  • Persons over 65 years are more likely to suffer a TBI injury.
  • Falls caused the highest number of TBI deaths for people over the age of 65.
  • Auto accidents were the top cause of TBI death in children and young adults until age 24.
  • In children ages 0-4, physical assaults were the leading cause of TBI death.
  • For children ages 0-14 and adults 45 years and older, falls were the leading cause of TBI death or disability.

Contact Attorney J. Price McNamara For Head Injury Cases

Here at the law firm of J. Price McNamara we know how important effective legal representation is for your head injury case. If you or someone you know has suffered a head injury, you should contact an experienced and qualified attorney as soon as possible. As a well respected attorne Louisiana, J. Price McNamara is known for his exceptional advocacy for many personal injury clients. Come take advantage of Attorney McNamara advocacy skills and let him help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call our office today for your free case review and find out how J. Price McNamara can help you with your head injury case.

Louisiana Professor Killed On Highway 952

bke accidentIn a recent sad turn of events, a Louisiana State University professor passed away after being struck by a pickup truck on busy Highway 952. News media reported that 63-year-old Elisabeth Oliver, was walking her bike next to the highway midday when a pickup truck, struck her. The unfortunate cyclist had suffered from mechanical issues and had decided to walk her bike the rest of the way home. As she walked next to the road she was hit by a 79-year-old man, in a pick-up truck. The professor was quickly transported to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. However, she was pronounced dead not long after her arrival.

Bicycle Injuries Can Be Very Serious

According to Pedestrian and Bicyclist Crash Statistics, approximately 4,800 people are killed each year in pedestrian or motor vehicle crashes. This amounts to more than 12 people a day for every day of the year. This means that there is nearly one injury per every 8 minutes of the day. Unfortunately, only a fraction of injury related pedestrian accidents are ever recorded by the police. This means that many victims may go uncompensated for their serious injuries.

The High Cost Of Accidents

When someone is injured in a bicycle accident, the incident can place a huge amount of stress on the victim, their family, and their health. Typically, the time directly after the accident is spent in medical treatment or dealing with injuries, lost work pain, disability, and disruption of life activities. Even worse, when a death happens, family members experience anger, grief and loss of their loved one as they struggle to move forward with their lives.
After a serious or fatal bicycle collision, the injured person, or their family can incur significant damages that often include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of the things they used to enjoy in life. When the accident is caused by a negligent party, victims may be able to obtain financial compensation.
The Victims Of Bicycling Crashes

Here are some brief facts about the victims that are usually involved in bicycle accidents:

  • Nearly 25% percent of bicyclist fatalities happened between 6 and 9 p.m.
  • 83% of the victims were men.
  • 68% of bicyclist fatalities occurred in urban areas.
  • In 29% of the crashes, either the driver or the bicyclist had illegal blood alcohol levels of 0.08 or higher.
  • California (141), Florida (133), and Texas (48) are the highest ranking in bicycle fatalities.
  • 20% of bicyclists that died had illegal blood alcohol concentrations of 0.08 or higher.

A Caution About Laws For Bicyclers

Louisiana police agencies would like to use this opportunity to remind motorists that they law requires that they maintain a distance of at least 3 feet when passing a bicycle. This regulation is created to help protect cyclists from the danger of injuries when they pass to close. If you would like to learn how you can help protect the legal rights of bicycle accident victims and their families, contact the law firm of J. Price McNamara now.

How Can An Attorney Help You With Your Case?

Victims and their families should never attempt to wade through events alone after an accident. Having a qualified, experienced and skilled attorney on your side can help give you a financial, emotional and legal piece of mind. You have rights, and if someone has changed your life through no fault of yours, you could be entitled to financial compensation for a variety of injuries.

Contact The Firm Of J. Price McNamara For Help With Your Case

Here at J. Price McNamara we know how important effective and aggressive legal representation is in the outcome of your legal case. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, you should contact a qualified attorney immediately. As a well respected attorney in the Louisiana legal field, J. Price McNamara is known for his skill, experience and tenacious advocacy for each of his clients. Stop worrying about your case and let Attorney McNamara help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call our Baton Rouge, LA law practice today for your free case review and find out how J. Price McNamara can help you.

8 Tips For Finding The Right Attorney For Your Accident Case

Car accident ImageThe law limits the time that victims have to file a law suit after an injury. This is referred to as the statute of limitations and it can bar recovery for injuries if the law suit is not filed in time. This is why victims need to seek professional legal representation as soon as possible after an accident.
There are hundred and thousands of personal injury attorneys out there. So how do you go about finding the right one? This is where J. Price McNamara can help. Our skilled and experienced attorneys can help guide you through the legal process and get you the compensation you need to help you right now. With your needs in mind, we have created this list of the top 8 tips for finding a personal injury attorney that best suits your legal needs.

1) Choose An Attorney Who Is Experienced In The Area You Of Law That You Need
A personal injury attorney can mean that the attorney handles a broad variety of legal issues. You will also find that many attorneys have multiple areas of law that they handle in their practice. Clients should seek out a personal injury attorney that has previous experiences with your type of case. You can also ask if they have had many successful cases similar to your case.

2) Ask Family, Friends And Co-Workers For Recommendations
Friends, family and co-workers can can usually provide great personal injury attorneys in your area that have successfully handled cases just like yours. Do not be afraid to ask if they were satisfied with the representation in their case.

3) Know What Types Of Things To Look For In An Attorney
The types of things you will want in your atorney that will be handling your case are: competency, responsiveness, accessibility, passion, the ability to explain things in simple terms, attentiveness, honesty, integrity, compassion, realism and the character trait of being personable. The bottom line is that you will not want someone handling your case who isn’t responsive or who you cannot tolerate.

4) Know What Characteristics To Avoid
Avoid attorneys that: fail to pay or ignore court bills, give you unrealistic guarantees, fail to return your calls, have uncontrolled temper or anger issues, or attorneys that do not listen to your requests.

5) Have A List of Questions Ready
Before meeting with your potential attorney, be sure to have a list of relevant questions to ask them about your case. Here are some important questions to consider:

  • How many legal professionals will be working on my case?
  • What is your specialized area of the law?
  • How long do you think my case will take to resolve?
  • What do you anticipate the cost will be for my case?
  • What sort of payment do you expect? Do you work on a contingent basis?
  • Have you ever been disciplined or suspended from practice of the law?
  • What types of hurdles if any do anticipate for my case?

6) Be Sure To Get A Free Consultations
Most qualified attorneys will offer a free case review to determine the basic facts about your case. In most cases, a free consultations will help you determine whether or not you have a case worth pursuing. Good attorneys will always tell you what your chances of success are in the most honest terms.

7) Feel Free To Honestly Interview Your Attorney
Law suits can be expensive and complicated. This is why it is so important to use office visits to interview your attorney and make your final judgment based on your complete impression. Additionally, do not be afraid to interview multiple attorneys for your case, and compare their experiences, specializations and responses to your case questions.

8) Be Sure You Read And Understand Everything From Your Attorney
It is absolutely critical that your read and review your attorney’s legal contract, as well as any other paperwork you receive from their office. It is also important to understand all terms and conditions, and ask for clarification if there is anything you don’t understand or agree with.

Call J. Price McNamara Today For Help With Your Legal Case

Here at the law firm of J. Price McNamara, we know how important effective and aggressive legal representation is for your personal injury the outcome. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in any kind of accident, you should need to find an experienced and effective attorney immediately. J. Price McNamara has the experience, skill and drive to fight for your legal cause and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injures. Stop worrying about your case and let Attorney McNamara help you today. Call our practice today for your free case review The law firm of J. Price McNamara is here to help you resolve your case now.

All About Hit And Run Accidents

Car AccidentHit and run accidents can be traumatic, particularly if there are injuries involved. Such cases can be complicated and hard to recover from. However, you should know that even if you were unable to get details about the driver, you may still be able to get compensation for your injuries. At J. Price McNamara, we want Baton Rouge residents to know that if they were involved in a hit and run accident, we might be able to help. Here is some important information:

What is a Hit and Run Accident?

A hit and run is defined as an incident where a driver causes an accident or injury and intentionally leaves the scene without providing contact or identifying information. Here are some examples of hit and run accidents:

· A driver hits a pedestrian and fails to stop and offer assistance to the injured person.

· A driver crashes into your car and then flees the scene.

· Another driver hits your parked car and leaves no contact information.

In many states, leaving the scene of such an accident (regardless of whether injuries are involved) is a misdemeanor. However, if a driver leaves the scene of an accident where personal injury was involved they may face serious criminal charges.

Getting Compensation For Your Injuries

If the police are able to identify the driver responsible for your accident, and that person has a valid insurance policy, you may bring a personal injury claim against him. If the driver was not insured or you could not identify the person who hit you, all is not lost. Other coverage such as personal injury protection, medical payments and collision may cover your injuries and damage to your car.

In most states, the uninsured motorist provision in your coverage will usually pay for your medical expenses and sometimes, damage to your car as well. However, the state of Louisiana will not allow uninsured motorist coverage to be used for damages from a hit and run. If you have been involved in a hit and run accident and you questions about recovery or insurance coverage, the best place to start is with your insurance carrier. Next, it is important to gather your insurance information and contact an experienced attorney.

Call J. Price McNamara For Help With Your Case

If you or a loved one are dealing with an injury from a hit and run accident, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to deal with these types of cases. Only an attorney with knowledge of the appropriate laws can help you get you the outcome you deserve for your case. J. Price McNamara has been practicing law in Louisiana for many years and has handled many cases just like yours. With a wealth of knowledge and respect from both the legal and surrounding community, J. Price McNamara can provide the legal representation that you need to get compensation for your injuries. Call us today to schedule your free case review and get an experienced attorney on your side. The law may limit the time you have to file your case, so don’t wait! Call us now.

At-Fault Driver Found in Dual Trucking Accident


Two Speeding Semi TrucksFreight truckers, otherwise known as the 18-wheelers, can be some of the most careful drivers on the road. But even the most careful drivers can get into an accident. Sometimes they are caused by brake malfunctions due to a decline in proper maintenance, or sudden turns can cause the truck to “jackknife.” The most common cause of trucking accidents is roll-overs, which are usually caused by any manner of mechanical malfunction. There are also cases of driver error, whether they were at-fault or not – under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medicines, lack of sleep and long hours. But true to the “innocent until proven guilty” perspective, not all 18-wheeler drivers are immediately at fault when an accident occurs.

Earlier this month near Clinton, a short distance from Baton Rouge, LA, two 18-wheelers collided while trying to avoid a John Deere tractor on the highway. The tractor drove away from the scene, leaving one truck driver uninjured and the other to be airlifted to the nearest hospital for injuries.

Painting a Picture

It’s one of the greater fears that drivers face – to be involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler. Due to their sheer size and mass, an accident with a freight truck can be catastrophic, causing potentially fatal injuries and hours of clean-up. Even more time-consuming is the aftermath and uncovering who was at-fault.

Thankfully in this case, the story was clarified fairly quickly through both drivers and the police investigation. Shortly before 7:45 p.m. that evening, the two veteran truck drivers named Hardy Williams and Lacey David, each driving a separate truck, were cruising down Highway 67. A farm tractor was traveling on the highway, and when the trucks were quickly approaching the slow-moving tractor, both drivers took evasive measures and accidentally collided with each other. As a result of the collision, each driver’s cargo was spilled onto the highway in a mess of diesel fuel and logs.

The perpetrator was Edward Delee, who was driving the tractor without any lights on. This may well have caused the two truck drivers to act so evasively, as they may not have seen the tractor until the final moment. Delee has been arrested and charged with Hit-and-Run Driving, among other charges.

Regardless of who the at-fault driver was, it’s crucial to start gathering the evidence. Trucking companies begin this investigative process immediately, and we encourage any civilian drivers involved to consult with us as soon as possible as well.

Though the investigation is still pending, it’s worth admiring the speed at which the evidence was gathered. With the help of the truck drivers’ testimony, as well as witness accounts, the police were quickly able to assess the situation and track down the driver at-fault.

Contact Us For a Case Review

If you have been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible, regardless of your level of involvement. As one of the most experienced vehicle accident and personal injury attorneys in Baton Rouge, LA, J. Price McNamara and our team will be happy to look over your case for free. Whether you are seeking compensation for an 18-wheeler accident or simply trying to uncover the truth of who was at-fault, let us help you navigate the road by contacting us or giving us a call at (225) 201-8311.

New Orleans Nun Sues Over Auto Accident Injuries


Driver and Passenger Airbags DeployedCar accidents can cause serious injuries; in fact, roughly three million Americans are injured invehicle accidents each year. What’s more, 98 percent of accidents are caused by negligent drivers and are, in principle, fully preventable. Drivers have a duty of care towards each other to exercise reasonable precaution. In non-legal terms, what taking reasonable precaution means is avoiding distractions, driving safely, and following all traffic laws, no matter how inconvenient they may seem. Breaching the duty of care can result in significant injury or worse. This is exactly what happened in the case of Christian Green, who is being sued for hitting a New Orleans’ nun’s car after allegedly making a left turn against the light.

Negligent Driving and its Consequences

A New Orleans-based nun, Sister Vincent Marie Wilson of the Franciscan Handmaids of Mary, has filed a lawsuit against Green, a Louisiana driver who is accused of making an illegal left turn before colliding into Sister Wilson’s vehicle on August 7 of last year. Claiming to have suffered severe personal injuries as a result of theaccident, the plaintiff is seeking compensation for past and future damages, medical expenses, and non-economic costs, including pain and suffering. Green is accused of negligence, including a failure to properly control the vehicle and driving in a careless, reckless manner.

According to the suit, Green made a left turn against the light before hitting Wilson’s car. Green was reportedly arrested at the scene for failing to provide proof of insurance. The suit reports that the collision caused Wilson to suffer from back, neck, shoulder, and pelvic injuries, for which she claims to have undergone medical treatment and physical therapy. Sister Wilson also asserts that the accident caused mental distress, shock, depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems and that directly following the collision she was unable to continue to perform routine daily tasks.

Seeking compensation for personal and physical damages, Sister Wilson has filed a lawsuit against Green, as well as the car’s owner, Jasmine Martin. Also implicated is Martin’s insurance provider, Progressive Security Insurance Company. The case has been assigned to District D Judge Lloyd J. Medley, of the New Orleans Parish Central District Court.

Protect Yourself Against Negligent Drivers

If you have recently been the victim of a negligent driver and have suffered from injuries or damages, you may be entitled to compensation. To successfully fight for the recompense you merit, it’s important to hire an experienced attorney with the know-how to capably represent your interests. Price McNamara is a tried personal injury attorney in the Metairie and Baton Rouge, LA areas who has helped hundreds of clients achieve the results they seek. His devotion to his clients and his passion for law has earned Price McNamara an AV-rating, the highest peer review rating offered for Professional Excellent and Ethical Standards. Schedule your free case review at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara today: (225) 201-8311!

Share the Road

Motorcycle accident.Motorcycle accidents are a frequent occurrence nationwide and the rate at which accidents occur between motorcycles and automobiles is increasing. This reason can be attributed to mindset and partly some negligence on both sides. Some will argue that motorcyclists drive recklessly and put themselves into dangerous positions. This notion can be true for some motorcyclists who engage in high speed racing or dangerous tricks. However, automobile drivers need to realize that this is not true for every motorcyclist. Motorcycle awareness is becoming more pronounced and friendly reminders on highways are alerting automobile drivers to drive safe and share the road with motorcyclists. Sometimes accidents are caused by external factors such as heavy rainfall which can make roads slippery when wet, and in turn, makes the road more dangerous not just for motorcyclists but every vehicle. Motorcycle accidents are fairly common, where even you may know someone that was involved in a motorcycle accident. Many accidents are caused by blind spots, which affects an automobile’s ability to notice a motorcycle driving along side them and  they will often merge over without seeing or looking for oncoming automobiles or motorcycles.  This results in a collision where an automobile will either hit the motorcyclist or cause the motorcyclist to go off road or run into someone else.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents

In investigating motorcycle accidents, it is important to be very factual in the chain of events that lead up to the accident. Police reports, doctor evaluations, medical records, pictures taken at the scene, are all vital in building your case. The insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind and will try to settle for the lowest and quickest compensation payout. Often the insurance companies will not properly document or run a proper investigation, especially with if the person they insure is at fault. An experienced lawyer is needed for situations such as this to ensure that faircompensation and thorough documentation is recorded of your motorcycle accident. Additional compensation for motorcyclists who have been hospitalized or had to go through therapy to recover from injuries they acquired , will prevent them from working or making a living. When filing a claim, these points must be considered when attempting to get compensation from a responsible party and the insurance companies.

Contact the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and are having difficulties obtaining the compensation you need to pay for your recovery, medical bills, or living expenses, then please give us a call to talk to one of our highly professional and experienced J. Price McNamara lawyers, who can help guide you and fight for your interests.

Recovering Punitive Damages for Victims of Drunk Driver Accidents


EMTs loading patient into ambulanceDid you know an estimated 47,500 crashes in Louisiana involved alcohol? These crashes killed 447 people and injured 21,100! If you have unfortunately been the victim of an accident caused by an intoxicated driver, you are permitted by law to recover punitive damages.


What are punitive damages?

Punitive damages are damages awarded against the intoxicated driver in addition to medical costs, lost earnings, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. This includes drivers under the influence of a narcotic or other medication that causes impairment. You, as the victim, are entitled to sue for punitive damages and we can help build a strong case to get you what you deserve!

The victim does not have to prove the driver was drunk to recover punitive damages; only that he/she had enough intoxicants to lose normal control of their mental and physical abilities. The law requires proof of three elements when recovering punitive damages:

1. Driver was intoxicated enough to lose control of mental and physical abilities;

2. The intoxication was a “cause-in-fact” injury; and

3. Reckless disregard for the safety of others.

“Cause-in-fact” means the driver’s impairment was a substantial factor, or had something to do with, the victim’s injury.

How J. Price McNamara Can Help You

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Automobile Accident Injury: What You Should Know


Firefighters helping an injured woman in a car

Automobile Accident Injury | Baton Rouge, LA | Law Offices of J. Price McNamara

Have you been injured in a motor-vehicle accident in Baton Rouge, LA, Metairie, LA, or another neighboring area in Louisiana? If so, then you should contact the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara in Baton Rouge, LA to find out if you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Vehicle accidents claim the lives of thousands of Americans annually, and many thousands more suffer injuries as a result of automobile accidents. Automobile accidents can be caused by a variety of factors such as distracted drivers, intoxicated drivers, dangerous or reckless drivers, or even by those operating a motor vehicle without a license. Injuries sustained in a motor-vehicle accident can range from minor to debilitating, regardless of the severity of the accident that caused it. Read on to learn about what you should do if you are injured in a motor-vehicle accident in Baton Rouge, LA.

What to Do If You Are Injured in an Automobile Accident

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in Baton Rouge, LA, Metairie, LA, or any surrounding area, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation for your injuries. The expert personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara have the expertise necessary to evaluate the appropriate amount of compensation that you should recover from the responsible party’s insurance company. To increase your chances of success in your personal injury lawsuit, here are some steps you should be sure to take if you are injured in an automobile accident in Baton Rouge, LA or anywhere else in Louisiana for that matter:

Do Not Admit Fault for the Accident

Don’t admit fault for the accident to anybody at the immediate scene or who arrives after the accident. Your personal perception of the accident could be skewed by your current emotional state and it’s best not to make any statements until you can think clearly and rationally. Your immediate concern should be getting medical attention for your injuries.

Get Immediate Medical Attention

Seek medical attention from a doctor as soon as you are able. You may not be experiencing symptoms of an injury or you may not think that your injuries merit medical attention, but your injuries may manifest themselves in the hours or days after the accident. If you wait too long to see a doctor for your injuries, it may be more difficult to prove that they were caused by the accident.

Photo-Document the Accident and Your Injuries

Take pictures or video (or ask a friend to) of any physical injuries, any damage to vehicles involved in the accident, and any contact and insurance information provided by other parties involved an any witnesses to the accident. This photo-documentation will be invaluable evident to support your case.

Document Everything and Keep Records

Be sure to get documentation for all of your medical treatments, and be sure to keep any payment receipts or health insurance claims forms that you had to fill out for your treatment. This information will be used to seek full reimbursement for any treatment or professional services required for any injuries sustained in the auto accident.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

Be sure to get a copy of any police reports so that you can make sure that the facts presented therein are correct and accurate. Missing or erroneous information could adversely affect or delay your personal injury case.

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Having experienced and knowledgeable legal respresentation from a respected and reputable firm such as the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara in Baton Rouge, LA can mean all the difference in a successful personal injury case. If you were injured in an automobile, truck, or motorcycle accident in Baton Rouge, LA or in any neighboring areas, then you should contact our office for your free personal injury consultation today!

Chemical Waste Spilled After Driver Backs Into 18-Wheeler on I-10 Near Slidell


361034_emergency_vehicle_2_sxchu-thumb-225x168-36689On Wednesday, a semi-truck carrying a tanker loaded with chemical waste tipped over on eastbound Interstate 10 near Slidell. The accident occurred around noon after 25-year-old Robert Muccino Jr. reportedly missed his exit and reversed his passenger car into the cab of the moving 18-wheeler. According to Louisiana State Police, 42-year-old Ned Robinson was unable to maintain control of the semi-truck after it was hit and the entire rig overturned in the median. Both drivers and a passenger in Muccino’s vehicle were hospitalized following the crash.

The 18-wheeler was carrying 4,000 gallons of spent caustic retrieved from an Exxon refinery in Chalmette earlier in the day. Immediately following the accident, the corrosive waste began leaking from the tank it was being carried in. According to St. Tammany Parish 1st Fire Protection District Chief Larry Hess, the leaking chemical did not pose an inhalation threat but it was capable of causing contact chemical burns. State Police Hazardous Materials clean-up crews reportedly laid sand around the tank before drilling a hole in it to siphon out the liquid waste. The chemical waste was then transferred to another container before police hauled the mangled 18-wheeler away. Although the accident is still under investigation, Muccino was ticketed for improper backing.

Louisiana citizens spend countless hours in their automobiles each year. Unfortunately, so much time spent in motor vehicles means car accidents are also a grim fact of life. Automobile collisions are the leading cause of personal injury claims filed in our state each year. Car accidents like this one may be caused by a variety of factors including inattentive, reckless, or impaired drivers. Other causes can also include motor vehicle defects and hazardous road conditions. Although many motor vehicle collisions are simple fender benders, they can potentially result in tragic fatalities. Both drivers and passengers hurt due to someone else’s negligence may be entitled to receive monetary damages for medical bills, disability, suffering, pain, loss of income, loss of enjoyment of life, and wrongful death. Whenever you are injured in a car accident, it is a good idea to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney.

If you or a loved one was hurt in an automobile collision through no fault of your own, contact J. Price McNamara. He is a knowledgeable Contact the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara who assists injured clients throughout the State of Louisiana. With offices conveniently located in both Baton Rouge and Metairie, J. Price McNamara is close by to confer with about your case. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara through our website or call us today at (866) 248-0580.

Five People Killed in I-10 Head-On Collision Near New Orleans


Five people died in a head-on crash on Interstate 10 near LaPlace early Friday morning. According to Louisiana State Police, a Jeep Cherokee headed in the wrong direction on the elevated westbound interstate lanes struck another vehicle carrying four people around 3 am. Immediately following the initial crash, an 18-wheeler struck both vehicles and the Jeep burst into flames. Additionally, another westbound car struck the semi. Everyone involved in the head-on crash died at the scene while the drivers of the other two vehicles were treated for minor injuries. Due to the severity of the accident, police could not comment on whether those killed were male or female.

Prior to the crash, state police apparently received several reports of a Jeep traveling on the wrong side of the freeway. Unfortunately, officers were unable to reach the driver before the accident occurred. According to State Trooper Nick Manale, it is unclear why the Jeep was driving in the wrong direction on I-10. An autopsy will be conducted on the driver of the Jeep in order to determine whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the deadly crash. Manale stated that although driver impairment may have factored into the crash, all possible causes are still under investigation. Westbound I-10 was closed for almost five hours following the crash.

People in Louisiana spend countless hours in their cars each year and tragic accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. Regrettably, most of the personal injury claims filed in Louisiana each year result from auto accidents. Motor vehicle crashes may be caused by a variety of factors including impaired, inattentive or reckless drivers, automobile defects, and dangerous road conditions. A vehicle crash can range in severity from a minor fender bender to a deadly accident. People injured in a car accident may be entitled to receive money damages for past and future medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of income, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, and wrongful death. If you were injured in an automobile crash, an experienced attorney can help you evaluate your personal injury claim.

J. Price McNamara is a skilled New Orleans auto accident lawyer. He handles cases throughout Louisiana including Ascension, Jefferson, Lafayette, Mandeville, Terrebonne, Kenner, Orleans, East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Lafourche, and St. John Parishes. If you were hurt or lost a loved one due to a car accident caused by someone else, call J. Price McNamara at (866) 248-0580 today to schedule a free initial consultation. You are also welcome to contact him through his website.

New Orleans Police Officer Arrested for Second Hit-and-Run Accident


A 14 year veteran of the New Orleans police force was arrested on hit-and run charges for an accident which allegedly occurred last September in the city’s Lower Garden District. The New Orleans Police Department’s Public Integrity Bureau also placed 38-year-old Roger J. Jones, Jr. on emergency suspension without pay based on allegations that he drove recklessly, ignored a traffic signal, hit a parked car, and left the scene of an accident.

Jones was previously booked on charges stemming from another hit-an-run crash which purportedly took place on the same day in Jefferson Parish. According to investigators, Jones allegedly crashed his New Orleans Police Department vehicle in Metairie. After a Louisiana State Trooper visited Jones’ home, smelled alcohol on his breath, and observed damage to the cruiser, Jones told the Trooper he hit a curb and a pole. Upon further investigation, there was no sign of an accident where Jones claimed the damage to his vehicle occurred. While on the scene, an alleged hit-and-run by a police cruiser at another location was reported to police. Police became suspicious after learning the vehicle purportedly hit was red and part of the damage to Jones’ cruiser included red paint streaks. Jones is currently awaiting trial in that case.

Jones previously served in the city’s 8th District as a “quality of life” officer. Prior to his latest arrest, Jones was placed on desk duty over the charges in Jefferson Parish. A spokesperson for the New Orleans Police Department stated that more details regarding Jones’ arrest will be revealed at a later time. Donovan Livaccari, Jones’ attorney, believes the arrest was unnecessary and local police should have instead issued a summons in accordance with departmental policy. Of the 6,000 hit-and-run accidents in New Orleans last year, only 200 individuals were physically arrested.

Cars are an essential part of daily life for most Americans. Car accidents may be caused by a number of factors including drivers who disregard rules of the road, inattentive drivers, and those who drive while drunk or intoxicated. If you were hurt in a car accident, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate your claim and determine the appropriate amount of compensation you deserve based on your injuries and the facts of your case.

If you or a family member was injured in an automobile crash,Contact the Law Offices of J. Price McNamara J. Price McNamara can help. He is committed to assisting accident victims receive the compensation they deserve from the at fault driver’s insurance company. Contact J. Price McNamara today to schedule your free initial consultation. He handles cases throughout Louisiana including New Orleans, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, and Lafayette.

If you would like assistance with filing your personal injury claim, call J. Price McNamara today at (866) 248-0580. You may also contact him through his website.