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The sheer size, weight, and height of most commercial trucks cause them to tower over passenger vehicles. When a collision between a truck and a car or SUV occurs, the smaller vehicle is far more likely to take the brunt of the damages. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a truck accident, a Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer could help.

Recovering from the injuries resulting from these crashes often will take your focus away from lawyers, insurance claims, and finances. However, medical bills will start to steadily accumulate and you may be unable to work due to your injuries. This can make the compensation you may be able to secure through a claim necessary. A skilled personal injury attorney could assess your situation and determine whether you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The Role of a Truck Accident Attorney

Personal injury claims arising from catastrophic trucking accidents can be very complex and there are various parties that may share liability for injuries that occur in this type of accident. An experienced Baton Rouge truck accident attorney could help injured victims with several aspects of any claims that they may have by:

  • Examining the driving record and criminal history of the truck driver
  • Investigating a history of safety violations by the trucking company
  • Evaluating which parties may be liable for the accident that occurred
  • Determining whether someone has a valid claim for compensation

Finding out this information and determining liability are complicated tasks that a person may not be able to accomplish on their own. Further, Louisiana has a strict statute of limitations, or deadline, for filing personal injury lawsuits. Claimants normally must file a personal injury claim within one year of the accident that led to their injuries, or they may forfeit their ability to bring any claims. For more information about filing a claim, consult with a dedicated lawyer.

Parties Who May Be Negligent in Truck Crashes

Determining who is at fault for the truck accident in a personal injury claim is not always straightforward. In most cases, potentially liable parties may include the truck driver, the trucking company, and the truck manufacturer. A Baton Rouge truck accident attorney could help evaluate each potential party for liability.

Truck Drivers

A truck driver may be liable just like any other driver of a motor vehicle who negligently causes an accident. If truck drivers operate trucks in a careless or reckless matter, disregard speed limits or other traffic laws, drive while distracted, or drive while overly tired, they may be responsible for causing accidents leading to the injury of others.

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies may be liable for accidents in many instances as well. They may have failed to maintain the truck that was involved in the accident or properly inspect it for problems or defects. The trucking company might also be negligent in hiring a truck driver with a poor driving history or failing to ensure that the driver abided by federal regulations regarding working hours and rest periods.

Truck or Truck Parts Manufacturers

Finally, truck or parts manufacturers may be liable for accidents that occur in some situations. Defective parts or mechanisms on trucks may lead to problems such as brake failure or inoperable turn signals, both of which could lead to an accident causing injuries.

Get Advice from a Baton Rouge Truck Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents can cause extremely serious and even fatal injuries. Holding negligent individuals responsible for their careless actions may enable you to obtain the compensation that can help you with your medical needs and expenses.

A Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer could help you investigate the details of your accident and evaluate your options for filing a personal injury claim against various parties. Do not delay in getting the legal advice that you may need during this difficult time.

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