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    Accidental Death & Dismemberment Denials
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Alabama ERISA Lawyer

The ins and outs of insurance policies are often cumbersome and confusing. Many people choose to not to study or research the details of their policy and benefits because of this. They do not have the time or expertise to make sense of it all and apply it to their own situation.

However, they may be missing out on certain options available to them such as appealing a denied disability claim. An accomplished attorney could help by doing this job for you. If you have questions about an ERISA policy or claim, asking an Alabama ERISA lawyer is the place to start.

Understanding ERISA Benefits

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act 1974 is commonly referred to as the acronym ERISA. Insurance benefits provided at work or through a union usually fall under ERISA laws and not general contract laws. This makes ERISA a specialized area in the legal field. There are two basic categories of benefits defined by ERISA: pension benefits and welfare benefits. Welfare benefits usually include:

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Long and short-term disability insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage
  • Vision and dental insurance
  • Long-term care insurance

Pension benefits include regular retirement benefits, although some pensions may include benefits for disability or death. ERISA laws apply whether the benefits come from an insurance policy or a plan that is funded with the employer’s own assets.

Laws for Alabama Cases

It is important to understand that ERISA rules and regulations differ from other types of insurance and from court rules. If an individual is denied any of these benefits, there is a specific process and timeline to follow under ERISA to appeal the denial or to take the insurance carrier to court. A skilled Alabama ERISA lawyer could assist someone with appealing the denial.

ERISA cases are also different because they require that a participant applying for benefits to have all supportive information in their file prior to the insurance company making a final ruling on the claim. If any information is not in the file at that time, it cannot be added at a later.

In many cases, unfortunately, the insurance company or the party who makes the decisions will have the benefit of the doubt in court. This makes it even more crucial for the plan participant to make sure they have included everything in their file. With so many varying rules and regulations and many times so much at stake, some choose to work with an ERISA lawyer in Alabama to help them with their coverage benefits.

Let an Alabama ERISA Attorney Help

A seasoned Alabama ERISA lawyer is here and ready to help with your ERISA claims. If you are thinking about applying, have already applied or already been denied, they may be able to help you successfully take the next steps in this often-daunting process.

An attorney knows what to expect and how the process works. With this knowledge and their years of ERISA insurance experience, a lawyer is ready to take on the insurance companies to seek justice for you. Call today to get the help you need with your ERISA policy.

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